Ora Tahiti - everything for a perfect well-being

ORA TAHITI has always aimed to make that every person finds in our products THE POSSIBILITY of having the sensation of optimum well being.

For this, we discussed how to offer our products.

1- We took the option of dried products.

Hindus and especially the Chinese have always opted for dried plants: A practical side, light and a perfect preservation.

To keep all their medicinal properties and their vitamin properties, plants were dried in a precise method for each plant.

Ora Tahiti has studied the different techniques and even made progress. It tooks account of light, temperature, drying time and drying cuts(night).


The advantage of dried plants is that they are lighter, less volume and above all last very long.

Fresh produce is, by cons, very quickly obsolete. 

2- The implementation in capsules or tablets

By capsules or tablets, Ora Tahiti offers people the opportunity to take at any time without losing time to prepare a cold drink. 

Moreover Ora Tahiti also offers tablets with coating Gastrointestinal Liner: allowing people with gastric problems to see them go tablets dissolve directly in the intestines preventing gastric gene. 

Most of these plants are relatively difficult to drink the fresh state because of their taste.

The capsules or tablets leave no taste in the mouth.

These capsules or tablets by their light weight and packaging are easy to carry and require no special attention if not as well close the zip of the sealed pouch. 

A small detail - When you buy capsules, Check amounts of drug in capsules or tablets you should take each time.

Our capsules are 750 mg of active products and tablets have 250 mg.

Our competitors range between 200 to 400 mg. So you need 2-4 capsules to equal one of ours ..


As for quality, we only let you judge if you appreciate or not our products.

We source our bulk supply from organic and pharmaceutical grade manufactures. Our bulk herbs, spices and nutraceutical products are free from chemicals and pesticides and are never irradiated or fumigated.   In addition, our products are dried using low heat under 120 degree F.

Our products do not contain maltodextrin or added ingredients such as sugars or fillers. We sell 100% pure, safe, and effective products.